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Return of English Corner

November 27, 2017

This past Saturday saw the return of an old Linden Centre tradition- weekly english classes! Affectionately known as English Corner, the weekly class, held Saturday afternoons at 4:30, is run by our three American team members: May, Michael, and me (Abigail).

Several years ago English Corner was a regular event, often led by Brian and Jeanee Linden themselves. But over time the tradition fizzled out, existing only in the fond recollections of the staff who had been around to see it in action. This year we decided to change that. This year we decided to resurrect it.


For our first class we picked November 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. As 4:30 approached on the appointed day, May, Michael, and I waited around nervously, uncertain if anyone would show. We were thus very pleasantly surprised when 15 people showed up!


Learning to Introduce Ourselves

Because the majority of the students were elementary school students, we focused on teaching some basics. We started by learning how to introduce ourselves, before playing some games where we learned the names of various animals.


Pretending to be elephants

While many of the students were nervous at first, by the end of the hour everyone was laughing and having a great time. All in all, the first (in a while) English Corner was a great success, and we can’t wait to continue this awesome tradition.




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