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Now Showing: 2018 Dali Youth Film Workshop

February 8, 2018

The Linden Centre and Planet Why are proud to present: the first annual Dali Youth Film Workshop!

Fwf (1 of 96)

On February 6, twelve high school students coming from as far as Guangzhou and as close as Xizhou’s own Wu Tai high school assembled at Yang Zhuo Ran, the Linden Centre’s educational program site. These excited young students are devoting part of their winter vacation to do something other than homework; they’re here to learn from a team of German and Chinese filmmakers and create their own short documentaries.


Our talented directors!

Xizhou FilmCamp Day 2 Callsheet copyEach day the students receive a “call sheet,” and attend workshops on sound editing, camerawork, and film editing. In addition to learning the technical skills required to make a film, the students will identify subjects for their films within the local communities of Shacun, Xizhou, and Zhoucheng and film on location.

Fwf (86 of 96)Fwf (39 of 96)Fwf (60 of 96)When they’re not in classes or filming on location, the students bond and get to know each other. Here are some of my favorite snapshots:Fwf (5 of 96)Fwf (20 of 96)Fwf (21 of 96)Fwf (16 of 96)Fwf (25 of 96)We’re excited to see what stories these talented youths decide to tell!

Get ready for the sequel: Filming on Location




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