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Film Workshop Part II: Filming on Location

February 10, 2018

After scouting locations and identifying interview subjects, the students head out to do some quality filming!



On the first day of the workshop, the students were introduced to art of the documentary film, and spent the second half of the day scouting locations and talking to locals. The students then spent the second day of the workshop learning about filming equipment and techniques. On the third day they put everything together and went out into the field to get some quality interviews and footage.

Location I: Xizhou 喜洲 Students: Leslie, Zizhu, and CindyLE1920_180208_8379LE1920_180208_8389LE1920_180208_8394LE1920_180208_8393Location II: Sha Cun 沙村 Students: Li Xiao Juan, Yu Rui, and NickLE1920_180208_8418LE1920_180208_0027LE1920_180208_8403LE1920_180208_0006Location III: Zhou Cheng 1 周城 Students: Yang Xiao Juan, Pei Jie, and HenryLE1920_180208_8458LE1920_180208_0042LE1920_180208_8547LE1920_180208_0081Location IV: Zhou Cheng 2 周城 Students: Lv Xing, Ying Ying, and PaulLE1920_180208_8509LE1920_180208_8528LE1920_180208_8477LE1920_180208_8497The students were so dedicated to their films, that a group woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise in Xizhou! That same group also stayed up late to film the stars. When asked about her experience with filming, Cindy said: “shooting the night sky was challenging and cool, because we stayed there for around 5 hours! We went around 10 o’clock and got back at 3 o’clock, it was cold, but it was worth it.” WechatIMG87

Join us for a screening of the students’ finished products: Monday, February 12, 2018 at The Linden Commons





Note: This article is part of a series on the Linden Centre & Planet Why’s 2018 Dali Youth Film Workshop, read part I here:

All photos except the featured image and last image by Long Ge 龙哥

Last image by Cindy

Featured image by Yu Yi





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