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Daily Life Humans of Xizhou Spring Festival

Canines of Xizhou: Dog Year Woof Woof

March 6, 2018


Gou Nian Wang Wang

Dog Year Woof Woof

In honor of this new year, allow me to introduce you to some of Xizhou’s finest canines:


When I was just a small fluffy puppy.


I fit into a pillowcase. This is my old home, Yang Zhuo Ran.


Now I’m all grown up.

Nala (6 of 7)10258976_844662575597317_3230056055111456797_o21369293_1568422543221313_6736325823471794073_n

Here’s me at home, at my office (with one of my favorite toys), and outside.


These are my humans!


These are my parents, sometimes they disagree 🙁

Nala (3 of 7)

Singing a song!

Name: Nala

Age: 4

Breed: I’m a mix between a labrador and golden retriever

Humans: The Lindens

About Me: I’m bilingual, just like my owners. I love going on walks, traveling, and eating street food (literally). I recently recovered from a major surgery and I’m doing super well!


Can you tell napping is my favorite hobby?


Sometimes I let my best friend Dou Dou nap with me.

Name: Ana

Age: 9

Breed: I’m a pekinese mix

Human: Li Fang, she owns a cute clothing store in Xizhou.

About Me: I was born in Lhasa, my human also raised my mom, so I’ve known Ms. Li since I was a baby. I’ve since had babies of my own who have all moved away.


Hi there, do you like how my fur matches my bench?


I consider myself a romantic. 


Here I am in my store, The Dimple, mommy wipes some of my eye gunk away.


I consider myself an excellent scarf model.

Name: 王小二 Wang Xiao Er (King Two)

Age: 8 months

Breed: Golden Retriever

Humans: 木木 Mumu, owner of “The Dimple” a store that sells local fruit wines & 小白 Xiao Bai, owner of a yoghurt shop.

About Me: I was first raised by a boy, then a girl, and then I finally ended up with my mom Mumu in the span of 3 months. Sometimes people think they can handle having a cute pupper like me, but I know it’s not easy. My mom hasn’t even met the first guy who raised me! No I live a happy life with my big brother and five cat sisters.


My favorite things are neck scarves, pink jeeps, and my little sister. 

Name: 大 Da Sheng (Big Saint)

Age: 1 year and 1/2

Breed: Border collie

Humans: 木木 Mumu & 小白 Xiao Bai 

About Me: I was really lonely before my little sister came, now I have a friend to hang out with all the time! Mom says I’m smart and have a great personality, and I’m very well-behaved (unlike wang xiao er). I also taught my little sister how to swim!

wangxiaoer (45 of 46)wangxiaoer (37 of 46)wangxiaoer (41 of 46)

Here I am with mom and dad hanging out in Mumu’s store. 

wangxiaoer (42 of 46)wangxiaoer (25 of 46)

I like to play with my best friend/neighbor Wang Xiao Er.

Name: 皮蛋 Pi Dan (preserved egg)

Age: 4 months

Breed: Mini doberman mix

Humans: 其加 Qi Jia and 心儿 Xin Erowners of a cute clothing store near “The Dimple” called “一屋两人三餐四季” which translates to “one room, two people, three meals, four seasons.”

About Me: I may be small, but I’m still part Doberman, so I like to wrestle with the big dogs! I tell them: “don’t hold back!” You can find me chowing down on my bone on the chair I stole from Xiao Er’s.


Hi! I’m Panda.


This is me when I was a fuzzy puppy. Whoa! This dog looks like me, but bigger! 


This is me with my mommy, Jiajia, at the Linden Centre. I’m making some new friends!


I’m hiding! Can’t see me! 


Now that I’m a big girl, I like to go hiking with my mom. Here I am on the LC staff retreat at Tiger Leaping Gorge! 


Hiking really tires me out…it’s ok, I have a big soft bed to sleep on all to myself.

Name: Panda

Age: A year and a half

Breed: Panda!

Human: 宋佳佳, Jiajia Song, employee extraordinaire at the Linden Centre.

About Me: My mom found me on the side of the road when she was out with one of her Linden Centre coworkers, Little Cloud. Since then I accompany her on a lot of her hikes, and protect her from strangers in our home.

heibuliuqiu (17 of 32)heibuliuqiu (20 of 32)

I’m just drying out my shiny coat in the sunshine and chowing down on this massive bone!


I used to be a small pupperina who could fit under tables, on peoples’ laps, and into cute clothes dad got me in Thailand. 

heibuliuqiu (12 of 32)heibuliuqiu (30 of 32)

When I’m not hanging out on the couch, I keep watch outside dad’s shop. 

heibuliuqiu (11 of 32)

Sometimes dad takes me out to dinner! 

Name: 黑不溜秋 Hei Bu Liu Qiu (my name is an idiom that means “dark and swarthy”)

Age: 7 months

Breed: Black lab mix

Human: 伊凡 Ivan, a Xizhou jewelry store owner.

About Me: When I was a toddler I loved to chew everything in sight. I’ve also been known to eat yummy corn cobs that silly humans forget to take with them! Dad wasn’t so happy, because I had to get surgery to have one removed. My dad takes me swimming and gives me lots of kisses.


I think my left side is my better side.

Taking in the beautiful Dali scenery, the canola is in bloom!


My beauty routine includes a face mask every night before bed.


I get find the most efficient ways to drink water fresh from the stream.

I love swimming and making friends with the ducks.


Here’s me with my dad and my human, Xiao Yan.

Here I am running with my pal, Bu Liu Qiu (whose bed I steal when I come visit).

Name: 小熊 Xiao Xiong, (Little Bear)

Age: 3 years

Breed: Golden Retriever

Human: 小yan, Xiao Yan, a cafe owner in Xizhou who’s known for her traditional-style clothing and hover board.

About Me: I like humans a lot, especially girl humans, but I’m not that big of a fan of other dogs, they’re kind of silly. I also love everything about water, nothing beats drinking from a fresh mountain stream in the sunshine.



I’m rocky! 



But more often you’ll find me hanging out with my mom, Ms. Wang at our restaurant “Let’s Food”!


Sometimes I play around too much and get a little dirty…but mom gives me a bath! 


One time I had a single baby pupper, mom named him Panda! Doesn’t he look just like me?


Now that my pupper is all grown up, I just hug my favorite toy when I sleep. 


Here’s me in the countryside. 

Name: Rocky

Age: 3 and 1/2 years old

Breed: I’m a mix, mom thinks I might be part Corgi

Human: Ms. Wang, owner of “Let’s Food,” a cute little restaurant near the LC!

About Me: I’m a big meat-eater and I gave birth to one single puppy. No one told my mom, but I was recently sent to the countryside to be a guard dog, but they wanted a dog that could bark. So when my mom found me and came to visit, I followed her smell all the way home the next morning!

WechatIMG361We’re Heben (black) & Menglu (blonde)! This is our store – Liu Shan Men.

WechatIMG353WechatIMG358Here we are when we were cute fluffy puppers. 


Sometimes we get really muddy when we play. Not sure how we got on this roof.

WechatIMG364WechatIMG360hebenmenglu (1 of 14)

We’re good shopkeepers when we’re not busy wrestling…Heben always starts it…

hebenmenglu (12 of 14)hebenmenglu (9 of 14)hebenmenglu (11 of 14)hebenmenglu (10 of 14)

If we’re too naughty, dad puts us in our cage 🙁 

hebenmenglu (3 of 14)hebenmenglu (2 of 14)

More than anything we love giving humans love and running around outside!

Names: 赫本 He Ben (Hepburn) + 梦露 Meng Lu (Monroe)

Ages: 1 year and 3 months (Meng Lu is older by a few minutes)

Breed: Border Collie

Humans: 佳佳 Jia Jia & 裁缝 Cai Feng, owners of yummy restaurant 六扇门 Liu Shan Men.

About Us: Menglu was born first, and was the only one of her color in our litter, but mom and dad picked me, Heben, first. Maybe that’s why I act more like the older sister. Mom and dad picked me (Menglu) because they thought I was pretty and unique, now my little sister likes to provoke me and steal my food. When Menglu was little she got really sick and didn’t eat a month, but luckily she got better after seeing a doctor. Dad says overall there’s a really serious problem of dogs accidentally eating rat poison in Dali, so we’re not allowed to randomly roam around on the streets.

doggo (2 of 3)

Hello! I’m Ka Hui. 


Here I am in my dad’s store. 


Here I am with some of my friends and fans at my friend Peter’s coffee shop, can you see me? 

Kahui (7 of 12)

All day I dream of eating Xizhou baba scraps on the streets, but alas this leash keeps me right here.

Kahui (11 of 12)

Being a celebrity and shopkeeper is a tiring job. 

Name: 咖灰 Ka Hui (Dad gave me this name because he says Chinese people mispronounce the Chinese word for Coffee (ka fei) as ka hui, also I was gray (灰hui) when I was younger.

Age: 4 months

Breed: Mix-breed, also known in China as 土狗 tu gou, or “dirt dog”

Human: 久美 Jiu Mei aka 胖哥 Pang Ge owns a clothing store in Xizhou.

About Me: Dad says it’s in my nature to go scrounging for food on the streets of Xizhou, so I can’t help it, I just can’t resist a baba morsel! One time dad thought I ran away while he was eating, but I was just rootin around near the dumpster for some tasty treats. Luckily the restaurant owners found me and brought me home. When I’m not looking for food or hanging out at the store, I like to watch people playing Mahjong.


I’m the newest member of the Xizhou puppy community, Ruby! 


When I first got here, I slept A LOT.


Here I am tipped over on my side, getting some scratchies. 


Now I like to roam around in and around my store and our deck. 


Check out my photoshoot in the canola fields! 


Ready for my close-up! It’s pretty comfy in Haiyi’s lap. I could nap here all day….zzzzz


Here I am, just a small dog, with my dad, Da Gou a.k.a. Big Dog! 

Name: Ruby

Age: 50 days

Breed: Mix-breed, I think I look kind of lab-like, but dad says I won’t get that big

Humans: 大狗 Da Gou & 海祎 Hai Yi owner of 吴川 a local dessert & drinks store.

About Me: Hi ! I’m new around here, so please be nice to me, I’m still growing. I already know how to do my business outside, because my dad’s really good at training dogs. I love playing in the fields and discovering the world around me (when I’m not napping).

Bonus Round: Miscellaneous & Ex-Xizhou Dogs

We’re just a few of the cute mix-breed dogs that hang around Xizhou!


My name is 黑熊 Hei Xiong (black bear) I’m just the gentle giant who lives in the courtyard behind the cafe/restaurants/dessert stores 🙂

My name is 小新 Xiao Xin. I may seem like a cheeky lil fellow to you, but that’s just my smile. I also like to practice yoga – check out my downward dog! You can find me hanging out with my two big dog sibs.

I’m Dou Dou, but Mr. Matt (pictured with me above) calls me Dan Dan, it’s a little confusing. I was the best dressed dog in Xizhou, but my mom and I moved back home. 

In Memoriam

heibuliuqiu (5 of 32) 黑仔 Hei Zai

Brother of 黑不溜秋

WechatIMG426豆豆 Dou Dou

Loved by 杨圆 Martin, LC Bartender

A Note:

Since moving to Xizhou in September 2017, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the town’s cutest canines, who always manage to bring a smile to my face after a long day. If you love dogs, Dali is most definitely the place for you, the old town itself is full of giant fluffy Alaskan Malamutes, and our own little town has its fair share of cuteness. Since I’ve been here, I’ve heard about many cases of dogs accidentally eating rat poison. I hope that in the future more people become aware of this problem.

So, from someone who was born in the dog year, here’s to a happy and healthy dog year to humans and dogs alike!


Me with my very own Xizhou dog. 


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