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Taste of Dali The Linden Commons

Let’s Get Cooking: Introducing The Linden Centre Cooking Class

April 27, 2018

“What’s so important about food?” Michael, the author of our newly released Linden Centre Cookbook, asks this important question on his quest to introduce Bai Minority culture to the world. He states, “When we travel, we prioritize what we can see and experience and we tend to downplay what we can taste, smell, and touch.” This is how the Linden Centre Cooking Class came to be.     


Our mission with introducing our very own cooking class is best explained in the following short video.

Our cooking class begins bright and early in the morning, when the local morning market is at its busiest. Here, we can find the freshest produce and enjoy an authentic grocery shopping experience. Once we return to our cooking class kitchen, the ingredients are prepared and our experienced staff guide you through the dauntingly complicated recipes (which you may find, aren’t really so). Finally, we enjoy our hard work for lunch in the beautiful gardens of the Linden Commons.   

To understand China is to understand all of its people- including its 55 minorities- and each individual culture. Food is such a major part of our daily lives that it would be impossible to really get to a know culture without observing how and why they prepare and eat how they do. We hope that it may be a bit easier to bring Chinese and local Bai cuisine into your homes after a fun morning cooking with us!


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