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Education Events

Summer Camp at the Linden Centre

June 5, 2018


The Linden Centre is at the forefront of experience-based learning of local culture in China; we have partnered with some of the world’s leading high schools and universities to offer local culture-related interactive projects for young students.

This year from August 15 to August 20, the Linden Centre is offering a summer camp for children ages 7-11. Why this age range? According to noted child psychologist Jean Piaget, the age range of 7 to 11 is known as the third stage of a child’s cognitive development. During this stage, children begin to form logical thinking ability, and gradually develop a perspective that no longer looks at problems solely from a self-centered point of view. Instead they start to recognize the idea of conservation and the reversibility of actions or concepts. All of these complex thought processes should be exercised frequently and improved, so we have designed a camp with this specifically in mind.

“At the Forefront of Place-Based Immersive Cultural Education”


We have:

  • Extensive experience working with international schools
  • Professional facilities, deep roots in local culture, and rich environmental resources
  • A strong multi-tasking team
  • A multi-disciplinary, international, and bilingual working environment, which brings diverse perspectives

Our long-term education partners include: Sidwell Friends School, China’s first international school–Shanghai American School, Princeton University, Yale University, Indiana University Kelley Business School, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, etc. For each partner, the Linden Centre assists in the design of courses based on local culture, environment, and history, and provides a full range of support for these programs. 


Sidwell Friends students out in the field.

The Linden Centre is currently one of the partner sites for the Princeton in Asia (PiA) program. Each year, PiA sends 2-3 outstanding graduates to the Linden Centre for a full-time job of up to two years. As members of the core workforce of the Linden Centre, PiA fellows will help bring a unique study experience to your children. 


The Linden Centre’s PiA fellows lead english corner.

“The Perfect Place to Experience the Local Culture”

Dali Prefecture is:

  • A Suitable Soil for Education to Grow
  • People from over 20 Ethnic Minorities
  • Rural Communities
  • Temperate Climate
  • Closeness to Nature

Xizhou Old Town is located to the north of Dali City, west of Cangshan, east of Erhai Lake and has a history going back over than 1000 years. Throughout history it was an important Buddhist and commercial trade town. Many wealthy Xizhou locals (including the original owner of the Linden Centre) made their fortunes on the Tea Horse Road (also known as the Silk Road of the South). At that time, this small border town was more prosperous than many big cities.


Xizhou’s iconic “rounded-corner” building, which has been featured in movies.

Today, Xizhou still has a vibrant, local community made up of largely Bai people, Hui people, and people from all over China who come to live and work as farmers, construction workers, storeowners, artists, and restaurant owners. The community has also undoubtably been affected by the development of tourism, and works hard to make sure many of the traditional customs remain intact. 


Xizhou’s bustling morning market.

Parent-Child Camp

  • A 6-day, 5-night camp designed with heart
  • Explore the local culture, nature, handicrafts, and historical architecture
  • Mr. and Mrs. Linden, who are practicing family eduction, will discuss with parents how to educate their children.
  • Healthy and comfortable living environment.
  • Summer camp will be located at The Linden Centre: Yang Zhuo Ran Courtyard, which has hosted various international education programs since 2011.

Day 1: Camp Begins 

Arrive in Xizhou, move into Yang Zhuo Ran, and get to know the site, the town, and your peers.

Day 2: The Bai People

In the morning, kids will go with team leaders to Xizhou’s morning market to buy fresh ingredients with equally distributed “pocket money.” After returning to the courtyard, kids will make their own “Xizhou Ba Ba” with guidance of international staff and local aunties. Parents, you too will be involved with the morning market trip and attend a cooking class using the ingredients purchased by the kids in the morning to make lunch to share with everyone. 


Young dumpling-makers at the Linden Centre.

In the afternoon the kids will receive a “treasure map” to look for local famous snack shops and restaurants to sample local foods. Later, the kids will learn about Bai three course tea and listen to a lesson on the Bai ethnic minority and culture. The parent group can relax and ride to the Erhai lake to enjoy the sunset. 


The traditional Bai three-course tea ceremony is a great way to learn about the Bai people.

At Night: Parents and kids will get together to draw constellations of the starry sky of Xizhou. 

Day 3: Cang Shan Trip

In the morning parents & kids will follow the guide to hike up the Cang mountains to the cloud-shrouded “Jade Belt Path,” which spans a total length of 11km. The path overlooks the lake and the beautiful scenery of the land below. Everyone will enjoy a simple picnic in the mountains and fun parent-child games. It will be a test of strength an endurance, and a good opportunity to build trust between child and parent. 


Nature exploration! 

In the afternoon all will walk to the Zhonghe temple and take the cable car down the mountain. From there they will go to Chai Mi Duo organic farm to relax and enjoy the farmer’s market fair.

In the evening, after a packed day, we will have some relaxing activities. The members of the group will sit back and reflect on the day’s experience, share their thoughts, and write about or draw a picture of the hiking route you saw today.  

Day 4: A Cultural Journey of the Bai Nationality 

In the morning: the group will follow the leader to Zhou Cheng to learn about the ancient Bai art of tie-dye and hand-make a square handkerchief. 


The traditional art of tie-dye. 

In the afternoon: all will learn from experienced craftsmen to make “Jiama” and “Da Ci Ba.”


The traditional wood-block print art of Jiama – featuring various local idols.

At night: the members will return to Xizhou to enjoy and join the traditional dance of the local Bai women. 

Day 5: Search for the Last Ruins of the Tea-Horse Caravan Route

On the fifth day all members will go with the guide to Shaxi, the only remaining ancient town on the Tea-Horse Caravan Road. The members of the group will follow Shaxi architectural conservation scholars to experience the ancient temples, ancient stage, ancient shops, horse shops, ancient roadways, ancient village gates and so on. They will understand the important work and significance of the restoration process. 


Shaxi old town’s signature town square stage.

In the afternoon, the attendees will travel to the National Forest Park, Shibaoshan, to learn about the cave culture and history, observe the wild monkeys, and learn about the local Bai people’s living habits and ethnic culture. 

In the evening, the members will hand-make their own camp crafts. 

Day 6: Camp Ends (Review and Sharing)

In the morning: all members will watch the camp video together. Later, the group will sit together and share their thoughts and reflections of these days. Mr. Linden, one of the founders, will present souvenirs, medals, and certificates to participants. 

In the afternoon: the members pack their bags and start their respective journeys home. 


Dates: 15 August 2018 – 20 August 2018

Venue: The Linden Centre, Dali

Number of people per group: 10-16

Target Group: Children (ages 7-11) and Parents (at least one parent)

Price: 7,380 RMB per adult, 7,080 RMB per child


Early Bird Price: 7,180 RMB per adult, 6,880 RMB per child (must sign up at least 2 months before the camp starting date)

Group Prices: 6,980 RMB per adult, 6880 RMB per child (each group must be 3 families or more jointly enrolled)

The above two offers can be enjoyed at the same time 


Transportation: Arrival and departure within Dali, and all transportation during the camp period

Accommodation: The Linden Centre: Yang Zhuo Ran home stay of 5 nights, independent bathroom facilities, and 24-hour security 

Meals: Three meals for five days during the camp

Activities: Cost of activities during the camp

Insurance: Travel accident insurance

Tour Guide Fee: Bilingual activity guide in Chinese and English

Other: Course design, planning, supplies, activity, and instructor fees


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