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Brian Linden on The Art of Travel

November 21, 2018


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal”

–Paulo Coelho

Travel should be inspirational; it should challenge one’s beliefs and make one modest upon realizing how different the world is outside one’s own cultural milieu. Our hotels were established to foster intellectual exploration and curiosity. We do this by embracing our local environment and making it the most important part of a Linden Centre stay. 


For the past two decades, China’s tourism model has focused on design and luxury. Too often said attributes have nothing in common with the local surroundings. Such a model inspires nothing more than relaxation: a beach resort cloaked in shallow cultural garb. Resorts serve an important role in providing escapism and leisure to China’s hard-working populace, but the model is easily replicable (it focuses only on ‘hardware’) and yields very little intellectual or spiritual bounty. 


Our Art of Travel program is a provocative model that tries to balance the spirit of travel with the reality of everyday life. Why does travel inspire some and intimidate others? We take guests to sacred sites around northwest Yunnan and discuss the spiritual traditions that inspire travelers to pursue pilgrimages to these destinations. How did Taoism react to the influx of the India-born Buddhism at the time of Christ? How did Buddhism incorporate Taoist traditions in order to gain more followers in China? Why did Yunnan have an independent Islamic Sultanate in the mid-19th century? We discuss these and many other topics during our two-week-long immersion. We encourage other passionate travelers to join us on this annual program. 

Be brave, be bold… explore the world!




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