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Bao Chengfu: A Quiet Haven Amidst a Bustling Town

June 6, 2018

“Mr. Yan, the goods we shipped to Hong Kong have all arrived without a hitch, please rest assured. Per your orders, we have prepared the accommodations for our guests…

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Humans of Xizhou: Li Junli 李军利, female entrepreneur

March 5, 2018

Li Junli in front of her restaurant with her husband photobombing in the back!
“We grew up poor in Shacun, the village next to Xizhou. My parents were fishermen and…

Daily Life Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: A Ling 杨泰玲

February 12, 2018

Brian greeting A Ling and her super sweet and intelligent daughter, Yang Lu
A Ling, affectionately known by everyone as Sister A Ling, is the manager of our bar and…